Monday, October 4, 2010

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm date finally released!

So, today it has been officially announced by Blizzard, that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is set to release on December 7th!

It's being released slightly after my birthday, but hey, I'll get someone to pre-order it for my birthday present, and if that doesn't work, then there's always Christmas.

In case you're a WoW fan, but haven't been following the developments of Cata, there's several notable changed. One of which is the level cap being put up to 85, from 80, also they're adding a new profession called Archaeology (I'm not too sure what this is myself to be honest).

In addition to this, there will be 2 new races, Goblins for the Hordies, and Worgen for the Alliance. There will be heroic deadmines, as well as shadowfang keep (should be interesting).

Also, for all you vanilla WoW players, ragnaros is back! Time for a trip down memory lane with him, as I'm sure any vanilla player will tell you, that molten core was a very 'interesting' place back then.

Another really notable feat. in Cataclysm, is that nearly the whole of Azeroth has been remade, and you can now have flying mounts everywhere (YAY NO MORE 100% HORSIES IN AZEROTH :D:D:D:D)

Anywho, can't wait for it to be released!


  1. Haha, I've never tried the first Guild Wars , people seem to really like it though. I might have to give it a try some time!

  2. I played vanilla like woah. Joined a low level guild and we built it up to be an okay recognized raiding guild. BWL gear on my mage and all that. I tried burning crusade for like 2 months but lost interest so fast. WOTLK came out and I immediately got it. PLayed for about a month, not interested. Cataclysm is coming out and I want to play it so bad. lost my account information i guess and I don't have any of my cd keys to get my account back. i don't want to buy the whole game again just to play cataclysm for maybe a week and get over it.

    What do you mean Rag is back? I fucking murdered him.

  3. Yeah, he's gonna be back, and more pissed than ever :D
    Can't wait.