Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monetizing a website - Making money from adverts

Okay, so for today, I'm going to do an entry on monetizing a site.

First, what is monetizing a site, and how do you do it?
Well monetizing can be described as, earning money through a 3rd party, such as advertisements.

There are MANY different sites we can use for advertisements, however currently I'm only using Google adsense, simply because I don't want my page bombarded with advertisements, I think that just the one is fine for me, as this is a hobby thing anyways.

So, to start we have google adsense, and so far it seems to be fairly good, though, it can be a bit tedious to set up. You need to first sign up, have a pin mailed to your address to verify that you didn't use false info. There's also phone verification, and two other things I believe, but I would say it's worth the trouble. :)

Next on the list is AdBrite, I haven't really used them, as the ads weren't showing up for me so I just gave up, but from what I've been told by others, they're less strict about ads, and site content, than google. So keep that in mind, if you're posting 'mature' content.

There's also linkbucks, and adf.ly . These sites are more url redirects, however they can be VERY effective if used right. For example, have you ever seen a facebook group that says "Top 3 things men hate in a relationship.", and then it will ask you to hit the Like button before you view it? Well, these are usually 'viral' advertising, and can be used to get massive traffic, if the right keywords are used. If you use linkbucks on your site to automatically convert offsite url's, be careful with what sort of redirect you use. Intermission ads can really piss people off, and possibly lower your potential earnings.

Now, these are just a few of the ones I know of offhand, however there are tons more advertising sites you could use. If none of these ones interest you, you could try googling for more, and then read reviews on certain ones to make sure they're reputable and actually pay out.

Anyways, hope this is useful to everyone!


Here are the links to different ad places,


  1. I wasn't aware of the adf.ly site.
    Checking it out now.

  2. Yeah, I recently discovered adf.ly myself when I was looking up some random youtube videos, and saw some guy using it for something in his video description. I guess it's another one of those growing url redirections like linkbucks.

  3. Yo mate, http://www.mountainviewclicks.com pays directly to paypal. Thanks for the links for the others

  4. @Joey, Thanks for that one. It's nice to have ones that pay to paypal instead of via bank deposit or cheques.

  5. Good links here Rayzor, may have to start using some ;D

  6. mmm not tried adbrite before, have to give it a shot ;)

  7. Great info man, I'll be sure to try the links out.