Saturday, October 2, 2010

Razer l33t Contest

Over at, they are having a contest in celebration of 133,337 fans on facebook, and I for one, am participating in it. They are giving away some really cool stuff, including new gaming gear, such as their mice, keyboards, and headsets.

"A choice of your Professional Gaming Mouse, your ideal Professional Gaming Surface and Gaming Keyboard (just tell us which one you would like to have - it‘s yours), the Razer Megalodon 7.1 Gaming Audio Headset, Razer Armadillo2 Mouse Cable Management System, a Razer Attitude Tee, Razer Messenger Bag, Razer Gear Rack and a Razer l33t Pack."

I believe that they are only giving away 1 grand prize, (keyboard, mouse, headset), however they ARE giving out 1337, l33t packs to users, but in order to qualify you need to get 10 referrals.

I'll leave my referral link below, but as of now, I only need 5 more referrals to qualify for a l33t pack! Sign up, and send your referral link to a friend, don't miss out on some cool stuff.

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